Black King

What light has evolved to my mind/Warmth/The sunshine surrounded to lift my spirit/I Feel….FREE!/Across the bed/Bare skin left to reminisce on the scent/Breathing in the essence that cooks my soul with hot/ Black Love/A memory of that song the Black King sung/”If you take your love away from me, i’ll go crazy… i’ll go insane!”/A love, a love, a love/A life that loves…..ME!/I cant break away/I cant break free/My baby, my man, my heart, my love, my everything…MY KING/ Black King/ Knows every way to move my senses/My every emotion & feeling/Numb, my lips…/Like the overflow of drinks we take before the games begin/But the feel of his kiss never leaves/Never disperses/Never dry, never rough/So smooth/Juicy to the big lips on my face/The oriface that keeps him enclosed/Secretly & deeply/To me/My body/His property, his gift/From me/His Queen/ Black Queen/ Mmm…I could sing the song he makes my body sing…/The ways that i like it/Never forgetting the tingling, moaning, & shaking/ He delivers to me…

My soul shakes, for him./ His body, his skin/his strength/in me…/ Black Spirit./ His love, only for me/ Something I always cherish/ What special heart he has/ A perfect thing/ What was said, that could never be…/Perfect/ He is!/ Everything, anyone could ever want/ The smile in the morning/ Release of stress in the night./ Stature of the African King that he is/ Proud, Strong, Handsome, Responsible, Respectful, Worthy/ Worth it/ He is/The Protector/The Truth/The Love/ Every way…/ Beautiful/ Selfish is the love that I have/ I cant hide it/ What he is…/no one can take from me/ My love, to only give to him/ The One./ Him/ Black King/ My joy/ The every free feeling in my heart/ Like the creamiest vanilla ice cream/ & the moistest slice of chocolate cake/ My food for thought/The delight to my senses/ He makes my soul high./ Feeding off his sight/into his eyes, the deep/ Mesmerizing & hypnotizing/ Hard to look away/ Eyes closed to daydream…/ What comes true…

Hoped for since youth./ The perfect fairytale./ The Perfect words always said that can hold me closer to him./ The keepsake to my many precious treasures./ The expensive that is priceless/ in loving/ my royalty./ My King./ Any sense that if left from you, my life would never be the same./ One that is strong enough to sacrifice lifes dreams/ to settle for the happiness that he is./ Catering to his every need./ With care, with love, with desire, with sincerity, with pride./ Do whatever to make u(s) happy & comfortable/ in our relationship/ Our unity/ Our peace/ Our love/ Our life./ Problems never arrive because we/ have the strength & love to keep built joy within our Kingdom/ shared Queendom./ a castle, a domain…/ a Universe./ Where Venus & Mars orbit to each others circumferences./ Each others bodies/ Strong, profound/ molded to perfection/ inside & out/ speaks art to the canvas…
He has the control/ to keep my soul/ my spirit intertwined into the beats of his heart./ We breathe, eat, think, sleep, see, read, feel, express,… Love./ Forever Deep Love./ What Queen needs from her King./ The Supreme overnight/ every night ecstasy./ Freedom to feel./ Freedom to scream./ Life./ Satisfying the body that forms the barrier of protection/ for future life./ What Mother Nature & God formed for Earth/ to be born, & grow./ Perfect is the man./ What she deserves/ searches for, finds, embraces & keeps./ The Healer./ The Teacher./ The Giver./ The Lifeline./ He is higher than most./ The melodic harmony to my lifes ears./ He serenades my souls nervous system/ with his lively lyrics./ The Perfect Song… “Don’t Leave Me Girl”…/ I will never…/ From the Strength of my pride, my heart/ the bones that carry me/ to him./ Black Woman, Black Queen./ I stand/ by my Black Man/ Black King…


Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 6:52pm
No two snowflakes are the same.
Just as the sun rises, so does the moon & 11 hours later they too shall fall.
No heart is alike & neither are their minds.
Not Safe to say that one may read a heart but not the mind.
6:10 eyes are crying in pain & not happiness.
More times than most we want so desperately to speak but cant get the verbal recital to elude from our mouths.
There is a 0 to 1,000,000 chances of a perfect life. Its not made to happen. We arent made to let it happen. But daily striving for an inevitable feat as such!
There is no winning for a lost cause.
Souls multiply spirits emotions to add a feeling to divide among others but the solution always ends as something subtracted from self.
Rebel or Restrain.
Listen to your heart or your mind.
Theres more than an ample supply of blood to give to your brain, which is pumped from your heart, but the receptors of your brain and nervous system must tell the cardiovascular to do so.. & the cycle continues or all else fails.
1 chance.
Let the heart do the brains work.
Feel your mind from within.
Dont fight it.

Change the Calendar..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 10:11am

When Space took shape there were no clocks available to predict the amount of time for planets to form. Just early, modern day & late scientists to scribble gibberrish as the knowledge they chose to be facts to books. Built calendars and clocks with numbers that they built. Not sun dials and suns rise to suns set or moonlight to moons fall. BUT THEY CLAIMED IT ALL. Did you ever think tht u were living off of someone elses time lmao!… ITS TRUE! I wear a watch but its Fossil digging deeper into the craters and suns of my space planet where i was born. And yes there is oxygen there, but it makes u high, the natural way tht modern day couldnt find to explain. THT’S WHY WE DNT NEED GRAVITY! We build on what lifts us, what pushes us. what carries our hovercraft into each dimension tht Earthlings cnt travel. The eclectic piece tht Michelangelou couldnt paint, tht Einstein couldnt calculate, tht Mozart couldnt play, tht Luciano Pavarotti couldnt sing, tht Harvard and Yale couldnt teach. But we formed it our own. SPACE MARTIANS! It was ours first. Yet we sit back and laugh at you running to be punctual to a lesson from a pre-/past-/ post-dated book tht ur professor is teaching u. So.. if he/she has read the same book tht they are trying to teach you… couldnt u just read the book yourself and teach the class. But how much would u get paid, i wouldnt even ask because the teacher is getting paid the invisible cash amount tht u are too. NOW HOW ECONOMIC IS THT?!? H.I.P.S teaches for F.R.E.E!> Helping Imaginations Produce Success/ Forever Releasing Education Evolutionarily. Our Development but u look up the definition. Indefinitely its our teach. No set class room, No class date, no holiday breaks, no professional attire, just teachers not hired, but forever giving. No Clocks, Change the Calendar…

“Whatever you need to know, dnt ask. Just look for it.” -Me. QSS
**2** Build your own motto for life. Not from someone elses quotation marks. Peace.

~Space Martian QSS.

The Chinese Sign of the Snake

read into my life!!!! The Chinese Sign of the Snake

21 in Age, 25 in Mentality…

SOoooo, Today is my birthday. 21st birthday. That, my age, is something many people dnt really know from me because I dont act as a 21 year old.
21. My age and physical appearance speaks the beauty of  a young woman. I still get the looks from others that I am around 17, sometimes even 16 lol. Its quite humorous. I love the mystery of my Beauty. Definitely refined and embraced. With much refusal to act the age of other members of the 21st realm of immaturity and still growth that is needed. I am already there, doing more at my age than most people can say even in their later years. Grown.
25. The SOUL of My Life…. Most people perceive me as the spirit of a 24 or older female. This is true and I accept within myself because I carry myself in such a way of having maturity and intellect, that being 21 doesnt fit into my mentality. Many understand me by having an OLD soul. Respectful, intellectual, responsible, mindful, educated, talented, motivating and determined to being successful.

I was once told by a 40yr old business friend my mine, that I speak more eloquently and educated than his wife does. And that my spirit carries well into further years of my existence. That I would be his if I were of age to his year. It was a shocking, hilarious, but interesting set of words to hear. I did embrace that and thanked him.

Hmm, 25… I am a QUEEN!!!! This is my metaphysical, effervescent birth right… maybe older.. : ) all by Spirit, I have grown to accept and give love, show respect, embrace faults and flaws, to be responsible, to listen, teach, be supportive, stand talk, speak up for myself, never hide anything, express my talents and arts, and do what is right for myself to continuously be the strong colorful woman that I have grown to be. Mostly taught by self.
I have found me…Beyond my Years. Beautiful. With Life.

QueenSoulSista = ArtDeVol: Serious Inquiries Only!

QueenSoulSista = ArtDeVol: Serious Inquiries Only!

Serious Inquiries Only!

What good is business to a serious owner, artist, designer, producer, musician, photographer, etc., if he/she doesnt have serious customers?

I feel that any business can have success professionally, but building a relationship among the consumer isnt always the easiest thing. Every corporation, big or small, independent or worldwide, must have some kind of relationship that is strong enough to build clientele and having those people coming back and giving reference to your name…

But what happens when you have those people that claim to be reliable customers, and always want something from you, but down the road you find out that you cant depend on them.

As a artist and designer to a custom clothing line Art De’ Vol… its much harder to keep those “serious inquiries” because my work isnt done in mass production…I always get the comments..”Ooo, make me an outfit!” “I want you to make me a dress!” “Can you fix these pants for me?” I always say, “Ok, let me know when your ready & serious.”, and I leave it at that. I know if someone is serious,  they would constantly speak up about what they want. So when I got a order to do a series of 4 paintings, and had to send them out of state to a “close” friend, I try to be nice and give him time to get his money in order….but dont constantly give me excuses abt why you havent put the money in the account yet. Therefore, after 3 trials, and 5 excuses later… he gets ignored, I already have a reliable customer that wanted one of his paintings and am in the process of reselling the piece. I dont do my art just for fun. I make a living from the gifts that I was born with and have practice over 16 yrs for. I dont mind doing what I have to do to get my own success. And that doesnt mean that anyone is going to play with my skill, my mind, my money, or my future.
All clientele is an important piece to any business. Good designers, artists and photographers keep good models; clean clothing and grocery stores keep good paying customers; good producers, djs, and labels keep good artists, and that artist keeps fans and listeners. Sometimes the customers dont understand how hard businesses work to be successful, because we are working for the customer to please and make them happy, but sometimes we get no respect back and are taken for granted.

Where do you take your stand?

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