Are you FLAWED?!?!?!?

Had a great question from a very dear friend of mine today!! Discussion brought upon great thoughts and life options to think about!

Vanna’ Shanee **Question: What physical flaws can u overlook when finding ur mate, or even in ur current mate??? seriously**

QSS: But all flaws should be able to be overlooked if you want some1 in your life.

Vanna’ Shanee: amen sis… but u know the flesh dnt feel that!

QSS: tru, but those who feel that way and look at life in that manner are the same ones hoein around and aren’t happy with life because they only see what’s on the outside and all inside factors are overthrown! If people can’t understand that all true beauty is built from within your soul and spirit, and they are selfishly portraying greed within themselves. You can be the most beautiful person on the outside but have the most disgusting, disrespectful, ill-mannered personality! Now does that make you beautiful? No! A pretty/handsome face doesn’t make up for ugly personalities!

Vanna’ Shanee: U hit that right on the nose sis… It’s like man has cum so accustomed to what society says is beautiful that they turn around from what truly matters. If a person has an ugly soul how can they ever be beautiful, cute, etc? Everything that looks good aint good for u. Then to have that outlook on someone else when there’s probably someone out there that feels the same about u. Judge people by whats inside and not outside!

My Own Interpretations:
Love in life is about accepting everything that comes your way and appreciating its gifts! If there are certain things that you feel judgmental about your spouse or certain things in your relationship, than you need to ask yourself if your love and relationship is worth your time! Point that its simple and exact. If any person really wants a successful and happy, healthy relationship, they have to do what is best for their mind and heart, not focusing on things that are appealing to sight and touch. People dont understand that looks dont last forever and that a true love, lasts deep in the heart. That is something that cant be taken away. All is all, flaws, criticism, judgments are only words in sight that can deplete the confidence, integrity and respect between two people in a relationship.

“All love lasts a lifetime when the heart is open and eyes are closed!”


All loving/ All embracing

Never Lonely/ In a world of a billion hearts/ One was spotted

Delivered and shipped to my doorstep/ Voices hear soft words

Ears listen as Lauryn Hill recites I Just Want You Around

MTV Unplugged type ish/ Melodic expressions/ The strumming of guitars/

Rhythm competes with the hearts beat/ And the winner is?…

The embracing heart that accepts all/ everything that is unperfect/ unfixed/

Unexplained by dictionary/ just real/ all realized

An extraordinary being/ One of the few that has been taken for granted

That one willing to give and forgive/ All flaws appreciated

What isn’t perfect will never be/ not asked to change/ not judged

Always deceived is the heart that is of all truth/ All Essence/ all original purity

An elegance unseen by eyes that won’t want a real/ absolute/ effervescent/ Real person

Woman or Man/ there are some left/ Some that appreciate/ accept/ embrace/ give back/ forgive/ realize/ and want to have something worth having…

In love/ life/ family/ relationship/ work/ and success for a future!

All loving/ all embracing.

In the Studio

These times I get to sit back every sunday night at 11 and watch my man dj at 102;amz radio station! I have a habit of just watching him and admiring what he does. Even laughing at him while he dances on the turntables!

I began to be able to really really appreciate everything that he does! No complaints from me. He works just as hard as I do in my craft and that is the most thing that I respect about him. I support and respect him just as he does for me.

Some people don’t really know what it feels like to have someone that supports you and hasa the same hustle and ambition and drive as you do. In a relationship, I think that’s the most important thing you can have; besides love and open communication! This love for art, music and success is one of the best thing to run into as far as having a spouse to struggle and grow with in life.

This is what it takes in any relationship in order for it to survive. When your on the same right path, Nothing else matters! This is what people don’t know that makes a relationship last! Women, don’t complain! Men, learn to open up! Be real with each other and learn to share the world and aspects of your work, because, if we see you struggling and stressing, hoiw do we know how to lend a eAr, shoulder or a dollar!

What do you EXPECT from me?!?

Food, Water, Fire, Power… more elements than the particles of Earth and Wind can percieve in me. I type with one hand as I use one brain, one heart, one mind, to deliver what I have to say. So the multi-answered question up for discussion is…

What do you EXPECT from me?

What do too many people expect from me…

I always think in my own silence. “I wonder why so many people always want so much from me and arent doing anything to help ME!?” Many people have their own expectations and wannabe requirements from me and quote on as “asking” for me to do this and do that for them. Maybe in my self-righteous, unselfish mind, I am too kind. I never really get enough implemented tasks that I really have to turn someone away. Visions flock and dreams appear in sight and mind that I really notice myself being taken advantage. Maybe I have the most talents than others close to me, and I tend to do more for them than I should. OK, Yes its helping me perfect my craft and talents but not assisting me as financially as should, at all!

Lets not front; Family always expects discounts, as do close/best friends… but what good is that doing for the one putting in work?

Mind over matter says the same as matter. Dont be used, and dont gain the feeling of being used. So do for yourself and treat everyone equally. Theres not so much that family does financially to support me but say a few words of encouragement. Those words that I already speak to myself. But when you see others splurge and buy out the world, and you’re left struggling just to get by; because you let them “Slide”… does that make you weak or unresponsive to your own responsibilities to pay your own bills. Even as you’re being watched, seen strugglin, known for hustlin to make your next dollar.> Why does that not phase them?

Conclusion gains in resolution.

When I put forth that notion, “I have to do for me!” and Build on my independence and plans to evolve and gain my business properly… Does that put animosity into the eyes of those closest to you because you are trying to make it on your own and cant give free handouts to everyone because you need to get by and need their support? or does the laws break in the rule book that says “Family always gets discounted!” and they accept the terms of “It’s only Business!”

Shit, Im trying to make money just like the rest of the world. So, what do you expect from me?!?!?!?

Being REAL comes mostly from speaking with your heart, not just your mind.

Time and time again I begin to look over those few people that I call to claim as my family and friends, And in that SAME time, I shake my head and only want to call them All associates. Sort of like coworkers to my lifes job. No reason to trust them all, No choice to tell them everything that happens in my life, no excuses to deliver to them.

This is ME. I am, who I’ve always said I’ll be. An REAL Individual.

No one I really choose to communicate with because most dont understand the things I say. Like a reoccuring Revelation of my evolutionary existence… See… Did you get that?!?!?

I dont know if you did, but this is how I speak. More depth than most and more understanding for self and my own respect, protection and determination. I constantly see and begin to realize how shallow some people are and how self centered some people are. Those people that claim to be real… As saying that they arent afraid to speak their minds, but inside, are afraid to release their own hearts emotions.

It’s something I’ve always had a shrewd sense about. Fake People. And its worse that people cant read themselves.

People that cant accept their flaws, and try to hide their insecurities with money and fake alter egos or joining the packs of others.

I have too much sense to be my own identity. A star in universal space among broken craters and ash.

Many times I am set to deal with undying displays of ignorance and negativity from the people that are supposed to be closest to me, and people think I’m supposed to hide my thoughts and what I feel. That is something I can not do. From my youth, I never spoke of my feelings and kept my world in my hands, but growing and maturing from that, a freedom has set and I dont have any reason to hide away from being ME. No one can tell me to disregard my feelings just for the judgment of others. I dont care about what others think of me or the words I say, or how I carry myself. No one is caring for me the way that I am so they dont have any authority over me. Family or not, friends or not, boss and coworkers… If I feel some type of way about the actions displays around me, Im going to speak on it. I will not hold my tongue to the world. What goes on in the family, should stay in the family…. I dont believe that! If the family is broken, dysfunctional, and not catering to my emotional, physical state, then the family needs fixing, and that fixing means exposure, and intervention…or I shall just have to remove myself from that negativity. Simple as that. When others dont have the strength to break free from the recycled realms of dysfunction, negativity, and people trying to hold you back, shut you up and bring you down, I stand up, I speak out, I move forward. Even if it means being alone in order to do it. I am too extensively positive for negative setbacks to encounter and overtake my world.

“If I am the leader of my pack, I must speak first. I cant encourage unbrave souls to speak the voice of the fighter, I can only force them to prepare the fight of his heart.” -QSS

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