The Goal!

Thursday at 6:36pm

….. So much pain, so much suffering. Where light can’t seem to oversee what demons come in the dark! No angels to guide and protect! A heart so hurt.

Fighting for reason and understand! Where is the support? Where is the love?…

On mission where she can’t reach! The lessons she once taught aren’t coming clear to her sight anymore! No more teach. So she heads to her sanctuary to listen to her heart preach!…

You don’t know nothing! No love in front to grip her souls desire! Where does she turn to? Who?!?

Seeking self image in the mirror but the reflection is empty! Unable to find the spirit that other eyes see. She doesn’t feel there….doesn’t feel… Alive!

She knows what she wants but the world can not deliver it to her. So fighting beyond strength to capture what is best, breaking barriers and boundaries while swimming rivers over.

Pisces made creative to create and piece the love together no matter what is there to hold them back! Abstract and concrete, true to our word! Sacrificing experience, life & love over success & money to stack.

We are one in the same, yet different in vision we still see the forces illuminated through our sky. The realm where we excel, there isn’t a gravity to keep our spirits tame!

Going out of her way, a voyage that adventure has more obstacles to build up her strength! To figure out and see what light will shine against another’s heart. What will define the image of lines spread to letters and forming the piece of art.

Why be so serious? Its her hearts feelings that wants to embrace a soul! Into that spirit miles away untold. So seriously she takes her feelings and spills them out bold! If it is seen, it is captured… The Goal!


You are not my ok!

Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 10:57am

I knew who I was at the age of 3.

While others were pretending & still trying to be, something they’re not, while the famous got hot!…

We grow & get accustomed to societies lashes, no batting them from bitches cause the good ones aren’t the commodity.

I beg your pardon but this is your life not mine! I wasn’t chose to run that way! This is my path! I am made from scratch, Not one straight line!

The mission is to make it & your deceit is not where I’ll take it! Not trusting other organisms cause I can’t claim they’re instinct! I see the lies because the smell is so distinct! You can keep that ignorance, I won’t fake it.

If my choice to take this journey and devour all obstacles, why do you down the creativity and power in my ways! Typical! A hater will always be the jealousy in your eyes! That shit you can not hide. So ima kill 2 birds, 1 stone, & throw the competitors to the devil. No running from these legs, I walk with pride in every step of my stride.

I don’t see the prejudice in the mindframe of others. Stuck on being unworthy haters & not lovers. Where my heart takes me is on a different high, what is natural in my blood but you let your eyes be the covers.

No support needed from a reference irrelevant to my growth! No need to front cause the rumor was displayed to us both. You can’t hide your sanity as being cool, but my insanity makes us both know the rule.

The indifference in me, makes me the higher of powers. When one looks past you because you are the norm. Extraordinary supernatural elements run through these hues like flowers. The world sees my difference and takes it, but you can’t seem to shake it!

I am not your downfall, I am not your mistake! I am the mission, what the world needs to create! My food is for thought, cookies left to bake. I eat em like words & push wind to my plate.

You are not my ok! Not my backbone to build high! Not the should I see fit to cry! On and on, this cycle continues…… While you hate, my stories continue! Not breaking the silence in my actions as we absorb the earth and continue.

This space shit is the greatest shit. I take one swing at the bat cause the balls can’t come to my planet! We don’t keep gravity here so the mission is always a lifted one. Martians rule on a tangent so beware! The weight of this excellence is something you can’t compare. I wouldn’t even suggest that you prepare.

Just can’t take in stride what you can’t have, can’t live for, can’t live on!

My planet is my revival, where you can’t seek survival! This isn’t yours! Its ours Bitches! You can’t breathe here! We don’t believe you here. Space Martians aren’t the aliens that you see fit! You Earthlings are the norm while our extraordinary is the hit!

Just accept what you can’t have & will never be! A part of me! Elevated! You are not my ok!

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