When Pigs Fly

***Everyone eyes forward to me!
Thank you!

If we make change in our lives, it is not always inevitable. We must make time move as the clock! That is which truly inevitable, but less than what Space can say.

If time make change, where is the left over money in this world that we struggle for. No pennies left on the floor so who’s billions are we fiGhting for?

Look to your hands and pull from your pocket a dollar bill, ones we didn’t make so its not our blood left to spill!
But we pick up the monetary values left to call materials that don’t last for a year and a half because fashions change to fads and are left to recycle for another five years to come.

Radical interchangeable Collectives.

So spending the money on millions is dumb! Knowledge holds a meaning that space exudes and exceeds an Earthlings time here on this world.

So yet again, time that was told to be inevitable is just a variable in the millions of scientists concoction of lies to keep you believing that everything is alright.
But in Reality, if time lasts forever, so does humans, but not thinking that we are supposed to die and that’s where pigs, shoot us down and begin to fuckin fly! There is only Space, No time. Build an element and exceed its importance.

-Space Martian QSS. Queen.


Its Amazing!


Its amazing.
How you enter someones world & completely change their aspects on views of the world.
Like how one second, he’s there, but you’ve walked forward & filled thoughts of me being your girl.

Its amazing how this light, fills me with warmth, & tingles my blood to splatter my veins.
Its amazing that my views have been filled too deep; with your passion & love, for expressions & freedom of laughter.
I see you, we glance, we smile.
Two artists quarrel between making laughter a recipe for progression into one anothers hearts.

Deep into your membrane I read passages of excellence, pain, strength, & trials.
You make this endeavor the journey on the path to nowhere.
Our planets where Earthlings aren’t allowed, but I invite you to Neptune. To share my world of eclectic, artistic passion & happiness.
Where CARE means Creatively Assessing Realistic Expressions.
And I want to read into your core.

Amazingly Creating the Bass in depth of Love & Art.
Banging on the Canvas’ drum, pressing your keys.

When I See You


When I see you, I see a vision of effervescent light that shines from Gods prayers.
Into my heart, your smile collides & corrodes the circumference of my arteries.
The way we see each other, like peeling back the Earths core to embed our love in the layers.
Burning down the walls that couldn’t keep Berlin inside of Hells’ slaveries.

When I see you, I want to be set free, into the arms of life where breathing isn’t required.
Like drinking from the liquor of your love but there is no age limit to set standard of your love intoxication.
Taking shots to gather the numb feeling that your essence captures to my lips & blood flow, heated & fired.
Deep burning, sensual vibrations that surface through my body by one touch from your hands into my heart.

Turning on the imagery, when I see you, pictures of cherubs catching arrows to hearts & making fiction reality in our storybook of love.
Once told to the ears of open hearts that minds can’t tell sight to overlook the message we share within the part.
Lessons, into chapters, into parts, into sequels, played out by art.

Say You Will


As the sun illuminates the dark, her vision becomes more clear.
There are no good landing ships on this journey back to her home land.
So clear is her mind & bright are her eyes, where sight is the shifted gear.
No glare from mirrors or flashing lights, no angels needed for a guided hand.

He is here, the savings in her piggy bank of loves.
Fighting the war that her past lovers & leavers left raging in her heart.
She is cold, freezing deep like the ice in your blood from too thin gloves.
An element that Earth did not conduct to be more than deaths worthy part.

Into her eyes, he speaks deep with his actions of expression.
Not a word said but his hands guided her closer into the lecture that his eyes read.
Deeper & deeper, she gains a feeling, once unknown, now gathered the reflection.
Views into his eyes, a soul is felt, read, & the recipe baked by words, she is fed.

Artistic Love


If I was looking into your eyes, I would make time stop so I could keep the everlasting image of life into your soul.

The real views of all possibilities made to bring truth forward. Something that Earth can’t recycle because your vision is clear. Pure.

Insight to my heart from the matter in my brain says that you matter. You who are here now more than ever could speak to my watches hands.

Those touching closely to you. Rubbing expressions & emotions inside your brain through the deepness of your roots. From scalp to nerves.

The nervous system that speeds up when you are in unison with my physical & mental realm. Calling forth unrealistic verbs made attainable by two.

If I was looking into your eyes, my sight would be clearer, days made brighter as your words became my heart beats. Collectively bringing life into my soul. We become one in two rhymatic vocal bursts of artistic love.

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