Suns’ Obsession 11/22/10

Watching the clouds overpass the sun/ a calm that morning dew sprinkles over daylight/ cognitive thinking for revolutions/ building a strength that the Earth couldn’t hold/ inside my palms/capture a planet of green/ circular motion and motives/ we go round/ playing teether ball with the galaxy/ Neptune farthest away from being hit/ never captured/ never invaded/ unless invited inside my waters/ my planet/ he hurt me/ went for a swim/ left the river running dry/ carried back to his lions den/ she suffocates in the heat/ no water/ no wind/ no spirit/ no element/ like the last days of 2012/ the world stops/ no circulation/ last days/ last ways/ no evolution left to exist/ she breathes/ taking last breath for him/ and he steals it/ with greed and gluttony/ she is his element of lust/ little actual love in his heart/ he is a lion/ a king of pride/ where humility subsides/ is just a adjective/ no verb to build on the action/ not complete…… -#QSS


Mornings of Bliss Composed

My alarm clock woke me/ I turned & there was another body in bed w/me/ Peace/ I lay there/ Staring thru the blinds/ the Sun.
Eyes burn/ heart pounding/ legs bare/ stretched/ thigh high socks kept warm/ thru sleep/ I actually slept/ a full nite/ Peace.
Out bed/ body stretched/ turn heat off/ bathroom/ brush teeth/ #BurtsBees facial cleanse/ look in mirror/ heat turned on/POW
Moments for meditation/ peace/ found inside.
Makin u oodles of noodles/ good ole ghetto lovin food/ feedin ur energy/ Bmore taste of Old Bay/ Hot Sauce/ taste my spices/ Heat
“Snuggle Up”/ warm blanket/ snuggled up/ VS Pink/ Blue knee high socks/ boyshorts/ alone w/ the music/ r&b/ old school/ mindframe.
Abt to lay in the dark… My old & new home! Daylight comes voluntarily to me when I want my planet to orbit the sun.
Skimming lines of ur poetry/ with my eyes/ my vision sees u/ performing/ silently/ for me/ naked/ in the dark/ I hear/ u.
Layin n the music/ ur melody plays/ live like stars/ n Space/ More peace tht orbits/ the circumference of my Planet/ i didn’t plan it/ hadn’t planned it/ Peace.
Darkness all around me/ I close my eyes/ your shining light blinds my cornea/ more than morning sight/ I mourn in the sunset
I formed a sculpture/ in clay/ wet/ I painted ur face/ in acrylic/ watched u get settled/ inside my hands/ welcome home
Squeaks in the bed/ creaks in the floor/ old wood/ old frames/ new feet walking/ ashy/ leaving chalky traces/ out the door.
I smile/ w/out facial muscles/ just my heart/ Face sincere/ Heart happy/ Happy feelings/ free spirit/ spreading/ your joy!
The dark isn’t silent/ voices around me/ whispering/ ur name/ ur alias/ ur soul/ ur love/ I Love You Too/ Peace/ sleep in it.
Tired/ pulling covers up/ hoping dreams don’t turn to nightmares/ to wake & reach for an invisible soul for help/ save my soul/ PRAY/ GN
Closing my eyes/ heavy/ I read u/ light/ lifted weight/ don’t worry/ drop the world/ hold my hands/ carry the galaxy/ with me. #subtweet
I’m up/ sun shining/ brighter than bright/ are u calling to me?/ #subtweet/ inside my poetry/ my heart reads u/ Ring ring/ hello! #poetry
Laying on my left/ side that looks for you/ sees you with eyes open/ hands touch with eyes closed/ roll over/ come closer/ #poetry
Can I read you into existence/ in front of me/ I’ll build you with my thoughts/ sit down beside me/ come hither/
I’m not residing on any planets right now! I’m in a outer space bubble of grey matter where I don’t matter, to the world. A #SpaceMartian
Laying naked. The only freedom I have away from the universe I was born to.
#TruthIs lately my mind has been tired of living so its put my body thru massive amts of pain & turmoil to be the outlet.
Don’t make me feel like I’m not important, cause ima make YOU feel like you don’t EXIST! #imjustsayin
The silence is getting deadly/ Venomous like the snake/ tatted on my stomach/ let it sink in til its gone/ I will be gone too #realitytweet
We dnt have the same attention span as we used 2/ Im lk a child runnin wild 4rm u/ U cnt force me 2 lay/ turn on the tv/ Cartoons!/ I’ll stay.
Why can’t your 9-5 just be entertaining me? Why can’t I wear your heart on my sleeve?… Instead of mine! #isThatTOOSelfish
UP/ Brush my teeth/ #BurtsBees facial cleanse/ stretch it out/ wake & bake/ brush my teeth/ lay back down/ Relax/ Day Off/ #poem

The Creator

Created 10/27/2010

The essence of your spirit evolves around my soul. Orbiting the very element of my being, my heart beats within you. Captivating a life form unknown to hate, you’re like the love lost created in a world of death. I carry you high, like the smoke from my incense. Lit fire to the flame, exhausting heat. Inside my womb….

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