Love excels……

I believe that love is above the highest creation that we can encounter as living beings & organisms on this Universe. Whether it be Supernatural, spiritual, atypical, emotional, of the moment, sympathetic, fantasy, realistic, morbid, abstract, eccentric, religious or superficial…

There is no other emotion that translates greater than love!




09/07/2011 11:15am

I’ve always saw you at the bar of my imagination.
Tending to the outgoing customers of my dreams.
Pouring shots of love into glasses covered with sugary, sweet kisses.

Dressed to impress had been the plan, displayed with full preparation.
Engaged in first sight, holding back screams.
Having visions of touch come true, defeating previous mirages.

What I feel, can now be seen.
What was dreamt, has been brought to life.
When once, closing eyes meant touching the future of a life not lived.
We surpass the goals of moments imagined to spend with each other.

A freed feeling of being high amongst the clouds of an inhaled adventure.
Trips are taken to explore the realms of a future world.
A futuristic life of 2.

Sharing the emotions of “high on life” bonds chemically fulfilled within them.
It is a Natural Love substance that intoxicates every emotion.
Holding the handcuffs with narcotics I can’t claim innocence from.

There is indeed a world of the unknown.
Unaware of the power within two spirits, the dosages we intake have created a love bound spell.
Potions of an undying love forming together as one heart with timeless beats.

We are chosen, have chose the poisons that intertwine as the powerful test of ecstatic, emotional effervescence.
We engulf ourselves in our own Romeo & Juliet drug of never ending love.
Where deep passion lies within the kisses that are breathtaking.

We take each others minds & inject pieces of our souls to form the missing parts of previous life.

Preparing the weak, tingling feelings of what penetrating beyond the skin can do.
Becoming addicted to the intervention services of a hearts’ truest form of dependency.

We share, life’s last impressions of what futures hold,
Without rehab.
Beyond the hallucinations of the dying world.


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