Foreplay:…Dress Of the Day

There I was, lying in bed.

On my breast, he comes to rest his head.

I can feel his heart beating in my stomach.

Those feelings seem to make my inhibitions plummet.

I cant get away, so I close my eyes & breathe in the day…..

Or lack of day we have left in these hours.

Breathing has a rhythm to the music his heart brings.

The darkness behind my lids are enlightened by his fingers on my thighs, playing rings.

Heart rate accelerating as his hands caress my skin.

Just thinking about the love about to be investing & time we’re about to put in.

In this bed, our bed, our sanctuary.

We play lovers in a land that we will never marry.

But we are together, soulmates.

And my body is praying, for it be  my sexual soul that he takes.

Blood racing & bodies getting hot.

I wonder if he’ll go all the way to test my spot.

His hands are engulfing my body & I am stuck.

For he can easily captivate & take me… just my luck.

I want to feel his lips on mine as he is preparing for this journe.

Instead, I jump, he goes for the other moist set as he lays between my knees.

I gasp for air as he forces his lips & tongue around me, playing to come inside.

He’s getting in so deep I almost cry….


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