I have loved beyond my years
But never have I loved without tears
Have celebrated life with cheers
But couldn’t stop what my heart hears

Light so pure
We have set sail on an unknown voyage
Compass guides us with no direction in mind
Crusaders of life
Following a nomadic path to wherever
The ends of the Earth may embed us
But spirits aligned
We are stars destined to our own constellations
Pisces housing eleven signs before us
We are stronger than we are
Deeper than Earths core
Farther than the last shooting star
Whole and not
Wanting bits and pieces of you
Respectful not wanting to hurt you
But I can’t seem to resist you
Could turn away from you
But Can’t escape this peace for you
I have not a heart that can’t express to you
I have met you in the blue
I have loved you, in a time,
I have loved you in a place, in a world once erased, and created again
A million times back then
We were natives expelling rituals in a language unknown
To others our connection not shown
We threw dust to fire that grew from our minds
Now I just like you, with strength intense
Immensely for many many lifetimes
Olden spirits in our fingerprints
I do extend my hand for your fingertips to bind
And I leave you with this
Yet we meet again buried at The Tree of Souls
Ashes blowing through the wind chimes
I pray to Eywa to keep your spirit whole
Connected with me
Do you not be that far
Back to lives where I wish you up
Upon a star



Dream of Picnics by the Sun

I woke up to you in a dream.
An open grey matter space so serene.
Cool breeze sent shivers down my spine
I couldn’t breathe and that was fine.
No thin lines to blue cloud.
Mouth closed I called your name loud
Couldn’t see you. Only felt your presence. Reached for you and fell into the deep….
Spiritual Feelings I have for you.
Good morning Good Sun. Light that you are. Guide me your way
To sun-ripened peaches and oranges in a picnic.
Where we sit and I stare at your spirit.
Yearn to taste the sweet citrus of your lips but my eyes don’t lead my hands to you.
I’m just stuck staring deep. In the difference that you are.
The peace that resides in your soul.
I am here.
Inside your elements.
The fruits of your life.
And I am awakened, with you.



I imagined it in my head then did it

Slap a kiss on your cheek
Envisioning real lips from one
Exaggerated feelings from hands

Youthful flirtation of soul smiles
Only elevating the tingles in my spirit
Uniquely planting an expression of what could be

Acronym alone


Destination Element

1/14/13 5:54am

Did I force my hug upon you
Just to smell the scent of your skin
To know what mystical exstacy your hold could embrace.
Unforgiving flow of the Piscean waters we were birthed in
Its not a mystery to me
Not you
Nor I
Natural distractions acquired to tangle the mind
So I could alone unravel your essence
One on one
Spirit by spirit
All the persons inside of us.
Unbreakable bonds of metal
The old soul inside commanded me to be here.
In these moments
Creating time
Running lengthwise miles afar
Across my mind
Don’t hide
Never from my existence
Don’t run
Nowhere can time hide you
Kiss of the Sun
Inevitable vision & warmth in light
Connections don’t lie
Reflections in mirrored waves
No illusions or magic
This is no circus
Only a Fun house
Where we read minds
Say what the other thinks
With eyes
No words spoken
Just let it be
Don’t strip the magnet
Gravitational pull of the Moon
You feel me
I see you


Pilot Recipe 2

Dandelion heart floating above me
I reach to capture pieces of you
Like honey to a bee
My grasp is but far and few
Misty walks taken inside our element Planting our trails like sediment.
Beaches we walk as a barefoot journey upon the sand
I listen to your song and pick up your lost shells in my hand
Adventures with you into the abyss
Hold memories in space I dare not miss
Forever alive in the moment
Peaceful Pisces spirits we own it
Locked into your wavelength
Allowing for caressed hands down my manes length.
Sacred connections both understood
Where cautions read “Not misunderstood.”
Better yet researched as we plagiarize each other
Common stories evolve in pasts about mothers
Same views as we eyeball each other in falsely advertised anger
I gotta get away from you cliffhanger….


Pilot Recipe

Butterscotch kisses
Peanut butter delicacies
Chocolate adventures
Into your mind frame

A created recipe for your brown sugar
Soft center
Light exterior
Pure demeanor
Feeling the whole textures of your being
Inside my hands
I begin to sprinkle your essence
In my life as sand
I dare not taste before finished products are evolved and baked
Tempting you appear to my mind
An obsession not faked
Thoroughly mixed but undone
Taste not mastered but smell is exquisite and fun.
Resisting a reactive compulsive condition to sniff
But head on your shoulder I fell within the mist
Aggressive and strong
Assets I agree do no wrong
Not trying to jump your bones but I feel your tones.
Different hues sending my spirit different cues.
aRe you the T before or after S that is silently Vying for the double yoU Winning space where eXes couldn’t tell whY there was so much Zeal inside a spirit like me.
I could embrace you
capture all of You
Run away and keep the memory of your spirit true
Come back just as Fresh in my mind
I collectively think about time
But as my tattoo quotes
“Connect spirits to a place where time is not an element.”
And in the open air there you were standing
Right where my mental plane has landing.
Your air is so commanding…




Life in your eyes

I see your eyes.
Viewing the depths of my spirit.
Many personalities of quite a few, & sharing one cavity.
We choose to pick each others brain with a million questions & smart remarks.
Sharing multiple experiences & qualities.
We are alike & different,
but different is the same in what we seem to like.
I see the cool evolved in your spirit that our Pisces encompasses.
Misty showers of water sprinkled over our smiles.
Moistening lips to speak smoothly expressed words.
Laughter warming hearts inside our strange comedic ways we pretend to be angry flames.
It’s nothing but fire driven compassion that we have connected.
If your life burned down inside the palm of my hands,
I would swirl your ashes around with peanut butter & devour you back inside of my soul….
Bringing foods in as addictions to the look in your eyes.
Speaking the same words that our minds have sparked electricity between two cerebellums.
Two separate beings that are together in a realm that is more explosive than normal human.
Naturally bound by birth signs.
Yet the day when we depart,
the dusts of our spirits will be inhaled with the joy we breathe.
Knowing time came right when time was valuable.
Not taken for granted, not wasted.
Just cherished.


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