Stationed heart!

December of 2012 I left the heat of Florida into the colds of PA & NC & haven’t been back since…..
Now Bmore capture me. Held hostage in the flow of dough & bread. No travel life I’ve led. Since then part of my heart has been dead.
One day ill be back. Moving wheels on track. Kissing grounds I’ve known. Places I once called home. Held you strong within my soul. Come October. My only goal. Set myself free. There are few places my heart wants to be. Ill get there soon. Just a skip & a hop over the moon.


Love no more!!!

Sometimes all people deserve from you, are the memories. Story left untold to the flames. Threw the book in the fireplace. Drugs in my veins. Subside the pain. Kitchen addiction. Found our love slain. Grey matter. White walls. Wine ceilings. Whine about all your feelings. Scream scream scream. Bitch bitch bitch. Ear drums bleed. Tired loves curse. hurtful words. Karmic verse. Do unto others…… Quotes rehearsed. Out the door. Love No more. ~QSS

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