Lullaby’s Groove

Song of the moon

Song of the moon

In the dark
Wide awake
Turn of the dial focus on a station
Slow vibrations ring through the speaker
Melody playing
The music is soft like my breathing
Alone in bed
But tunes are filling my head
No language to speak
Just volume at its highest peak
Keys of the piano blend with the nights wind
Bedroom Windows open
So are my eyes
Summer night brings the crickets cries
Their Legs rubbing together as my flesh does too
Empty bed
Only company is the music
Sweet sounds hugging me close
Like the sax players blowing his life into tune
I can feel this love fill my room
Eyes closed
Let the music hypnotize my mind
Breathe in the aura from musician magicians
Brain calming to harps and halos
Musical Guardian Angels
Sirens from syrens singing
Not with voice
But of sexes aphrodisiac sent from Aphrodite
Turned on by the music I turned on
Not to get off, but to get down
Boogey and groove to sounds so smooth
Soothing my nature
Naked flesh of my flesh
And this is my test
Nightly conquers of the orchestra
No visible conductor
But batteries conducting energies through batteries
Carrying me
More electrified and deeper in love with this process
Like foreplay in the foyer of my mind
There is only a piano and these rhymes
His voice echoes in my ear…
Go to sleep sweet baby
My love rest your eyes
Tomorrow you do not know what truths are lies
But hear my cries
Fingers playing keys
To please every positive inch of your soul
Help you sleep with yourself in peace.
Follow my guitars chord
Turn yourself on when the night gets you bored.
Now close your eyes.
Let the rhythm make your love rise.
Feel the kiss of my sound on your lips
Goodnight my beautiful miss.
Sleep within this lullaby.



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