Feng Shui

Feng shui

I walked around my room
Incense burning
Slowly the weeks passed as I felt your spirit leaving our sanctuary
I flicked the light off, and on, and off, and on again.
The spirit felt so out of touch.
So far from love.
Bed looked so lifeless
So soulless
And then there was me,
I took two deep breaths,
Flipped the mattress from the bed.
Set this blueprint in my head.
Let the repositioning begin
Remodeling and remolding my room
While removing memories you.
Time to mend.
Time to blend.
Used all my strength.
Pushed heavy pine frame to new walls,
Away from the hardwood that engulfed our lovemaking calls.
Changed positions
Same way you used to do with my body.
I stand back and envision sleeping here
Now we are turned side to the window
No more facing the sun rays head on
My sunrises now reside where you used to sleep.
Man this rearranging is getting deep
Fluffing pillows that I used to let you have
All so I could lay on your chest
All so they could absorb your scent
It was that forever memory for when you were distant
Now there’s no more you flowing thru the fluffing motions
No more love splatter potions
Just laundry detergents of lavender and lace
Thread counts encrusted in diamonds
Priceless clustered & fitted sheets
They don’t hold weight to the scent of you
Pictures move left
My hands ascend up
My heart is rather down
So i let my OCD drown me
Placed the vanity on the right
Pushed my insanity out of sight
Sparked two more incense
Walked out and shut the Door tight
Sat on my steps that led downstairs
Thought endlessly about the memories we still share
I wanted to cry a few endless tears
But I’m alone and no ones here to care.
I said a few prayers
Meditated new life energy into my new room
Hopes that when the door reopened your spirit would not consume
I arose one body
Took two deep breaths
Turned and knocked three times
Twisted the door knob open
Looked around at spirits and auras colorful and kind
And then I saw you
Deep in my mind
That aura, still reclined
Laid back in my bed and still in my mind
I began to cry tears of whys
Because I still missed you so
And even in the changes of energy flow
I just had to lay there and rest
On you newly moved chest pillow.




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  2. Love! Raw and way real!

  3. Reblogged this on sum of her parts and commented:
    Here is an elegantly written piece of peace by QueenSoulSista. Describing the nostalgic burns of lost love, so bitter sweet.

  4. These words take me back to a love I once knew. The incense trying to mask the residual scents they left behind. The bed sheets never quite tight enough along the mattress to knock out the wrinkles we made together. Beautiful piece QueenSoulSista

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