I’m a woman!!!

Stuck sitting on the toilet!
I’m a Woman! I’m a Woman!
A Woman Got Dammit!

How come my mommy couldn’t be the Modern Day Madre back in the day?
I had to learn about my womanhood in the middle school sex ed. Classroom.
Like 12 and 13 made you grown and cramps would come like hard days at track practice
Or earthquakes rocking boulders down avalanches.
Face of 16 yet 26 rising on the physical
Slow aged like cheese and still spiritual bound like the immortals.
Who are you girl, bleeding from the womb?
Bleeding in the resurrection and procreation tomb and room?
No pains do you whine?
All that blood for seven days, yet you do not cry of dyin’?
What wrong with you girl, Have you no life?
Who created these growing pains and why do we stop growing for life to become crises of midlife menopause of middle age.
Oh Time, Father Time. You Forsake us you bastard.
Coward you are!!
You Limit my Motherly womb of Nature with clocks that tick and tock
And bombs that drop with bloody hell on monthly week for majority of my life.
And every one of those 7 days, I find myself sitting on this toilet with my lady products,
Feeling like that teenage girl again first learning that it’s hit me!

I’m a WOMAN!


Mother Earth’s Wavelength

Mother Earth's Wavelength.

Mother Earth’s Wavelength

We’re all just an oceans wave away from drowning.
There’s enough wetness in the body of woman as there was during our births to give us life, as there is to take our last breath.
Theres no lessons of Noah’s Ark or a Gravitational magnetic pulls that shifts the Earths core in a certain direction. Life is created & taken in the direction that the womb procures existence and breath of a being of a next generation or a next race & life form of love.
This which must be protected in order for generations to carry on.
In this cycle, we women must protect our men, giving them a foundation to want to provide & protect.
A place to FEEL love & safety in order to breathe life into the womb of their motherhood. The woman’s nature to bear fruits of which all seeds will grow.
Watered by the drowning oceans waves of her universe.

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