I’m a woman!!!

Stuck sitting on the toilet!
I’m a Woman! I’m a Woman!
A Woman Got Dammit!

How come my mommy couldn’t be the Modern Day Madre back in the day?
I had to learn about my womanhood in the middle school sex ed. Classroom.
Like 12 and 13 made you grown and cramps would come like hard days at track practice
Or earthquakes rocking boulders down avalanches.
Face of 16 yet 26 rising on the physical
Slow aged like cheese and still spiritual bound like the immortals.
Who are you girl, bleeding from the womb?
Bleeding in the resurrection and procreation tomb and room?
No pains do you whine?
All that blood for seven days, yet you do not cry of dyin’?
What wrong with you girl, Have you no life?
Who created these growing pains and why do we stop growing for life to become crises of midlife menopause of middle age.
Oh Time, Father Time. You Forsake us you bastard.
Coward you are!!
You Limit my Motherly womb of Nature with clocks that tick and tock
And bombs that drop with bloody hell on monthly week for majority of my life.
And every one of those 7 days, I find myself sitting on this toilet with my lady products,
Feeling like that teenage girl again first learning that it’s hit me!

I’m a WOMAN!


Mother Earth’s Wavelength

Mother Earth's Wavelength.

Nights Like This

Nights like this
I wish
….Rain drops would continue to fall. After work, take a shower & to our bed I would crawl.
Next to you is where I dream to lay. Hugging us close & forgetting about my day.
Kisses to cheeks.
Warm bodies under sheets.
We escape into our own world of love.
Lights off we breathe in the moons energy from above.
No words needed.
We intertwine our roots as the trees we seeded.
Flowering our love to bloom.
Seeds forming inside thy womb.
We’re too high to feel the worlds lows.
As the air flows.
We the mist.
Long days before, i yearned for your kiss.
But I lay awake, dreaming about nights like this.


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Dream of Picnics by the Sun

I woke up to you in a dream.
An open grey matter space so serene.
Cool breeze sent shivers down my spine
I couldn’t breathe and that was fine.
No thin lines to blue cloud.
Mouth closed I called your name loud
Couldn’t see you. Only felt your presence. Reached for you and fell into the deep….
Spiritual Feelings I have for you.
Good morning Good Sun. Light that you are. Guide me your way
To sun-ripened peaches and oranges in a picnic.
Where we sit and I stare at your spirit.
Yearn to taste the sweet citrus of your lips but my eyes don’t lead my hands to you.
I’m just stuck staring deep. In the difference that you are.
The peace that resides in your soul.
I am here.
Inside your elements.
The fruits of your life.
And I am awakened, with you.


Change the Calendar..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 10:11am

When Space took shape there were no clocks available to predict the amount of time for planets to form. Just early, modern day & late scientists to scribble gibberrish as the knowledge they chose to be facts to books. Built calendars and clocks with numbers that they built. Not sun dials and suns rise to suns set or moonlight to moons fall. BUT THEY CLAIMED IT ALL. Did you ever think tht u were living off of someone elses time lmao!… ITS TRUE! I wear a watch but its Fossil digging deeper into the craters and suns of my space planet where i was born. And yes there is oxygen there, but it makes u high, the natural way tht modern day couldnt find to explain. THT’S WHY WE DNT NEED GRAVITY! We build on what lifts us, what pushes us. what carries our hovercraft into each dimension tht Earthlings cnt travel. The eclectic piece tht Michelangelou couldnt paint, tht Einstein couldnt calculate, tht Mozart couldnt play, tht Luciano Pavarotti couldnt sing, tht Harvard and Yale couldnt teach. But we formed it our own. SPACE MARTIANS! It was ours first. Yet we sit back and laugh at you running to be punctual to a lesson from a pre-/past-/ post-dated book tht ur professor is teaching u. So.. if he/she has read the same book tht they are trying to teach you… couldnt u just read the book yourself and teach the class. But how much would u get paid, i wouldnt even ask because the teacher is getting paid the invisible cash amount tht u are too. NOW HOW ECONOMIC IS THT?!? H.I.P.S teaches for F.R.E.E!> Helping Imaginations Produce Success/ Forever Releasing Education Evolutionarily. Our Development but u look up the definition. Indefinitely its our teach. No set class room, No class date, no holiday breaks, no professional attire, just teachers not hired, but forever giving. No Clocks, Change the Calendar…

“Whatever you need to know, dnt ask. Just look for it.” -Me. QSS
**2** Build your own motto for life. Not from someone elses quotation marks. Peace.

~Space Martian QSS.

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