Mother Earth’s Wavelength

Mother Earth's Wavelength.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui.

Lullaby’s Groove

Lullaby's Groove.

Sounds Of A Dreamcatcher

I have forever dreams & near death nightmares
Gotta love to find
Keep in mind
Spare me the evils
Those were no angels of mine
Fall asleep to struggled eyes
No pain or stress
No woman no cries
No rest for the weary
Strong frame no tears see
I’m just lovers rock
Sleeping on the concrete of my block
Cold frame
Warm heart
Soul of no name
Fighting stories,
Left in the art
Fairy tales of make believe
Believed this Earth was not conceived
Double helix articles
Made up of particles
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Blowing billions of bombs up
Expanded brain
Still carrying pain
Washed away tears with the rain
What are you formed from dream catcher of mine?
Overlapped spools of lovers twine?
Or dipped in the batter from preachers wine?
Had I seen this dream coming, I would have hung you high
Way above my bed
Protect me from the visions in my head
Keep me safe to your prayers
Under sheets I sleep in evils layers
Soul rising
Gathered in the dreams
I meet you there when my silent sleep screams
Council my mind
Back into time
Way back when “when” was a win win situation
We were all Gods’ creation
Not spawns of Satan
Brothers of the same molecules
Just textured to different follicles
Different paths
Holy rituals & evil blood baths
When we were young
We were cleaned in the same bathtub
Sharing the same laughs
Siblings of rival
Different fights of survival
Battle battle battle right?
Sleep easy little soldier of night
Woven star of feathered fight
Will yourself with all your might
Quiet mouse with venomous bite
Native bloodline
Freedom dance
Beating drums while hearts prance
Spirit goddess song
Be quick & strong
Being down doesn’t last long
Fall asleep with future days
Mental in mind
One moment at a time
Dream a little dream of life
Sleepwalk with the spirits & angels I say
Troubled days don’t last always


Right now I am thinking love

Je me bats les insomniaques moments indécis entre le sommeil et l’amour. mais sa disparition ne permet pas si fou dans mon esprit.

There’s something to be said about this lovely encounter playing musical tunes inside my heartstrings…

“Translation:: I am fighting the insomniac indecisive moments between sleep and love. but missing him doesn’t make it so crazy in my mind.”

Why can’t we sleep When we aren’t together love?!?

I honestly don’t think I could have imagined a greater love inside my spirit.
There were great bodily loves, great sexual loves, great mental loves, great artistic loves, great family oriented loves, right here right now loves & soooo many more types of loves I’ve encountered. But in this combination of all these things, he came along & sweep me off my little size 7 feet.

I’ve learned in these early stages what the words “protection of your personal love” means.

• We have built this commitment that is sacred for us. Something that doesn’t need to be exploited to the world but in this universe we are felt & lifted.
By the most high, our love is protected, nurtured, nourished, encouraged, & secure.
We were chosen.

This time feels like our destiny. A time that is only for us & we are cherishing every moment in love.
Tough times will not prevail, but they will occur & strengthen us.

I feel like a married woman. I feel like that woman so in love that she could live within her last breath, trying to give that air to her King so that he could carry on our Royal Dynasty.

I am married
Ring on my finger
Carried in love
Blessed from the most high above
This circle needs no glove
Constant covers of sheets
Warm these limbs
But empty bed
Keeps me missing him
Work be overnight
In morning he’s my light
From the sun
We heat up bodies
“Good Morning love”
Our natural hobby
Correct me
If I’m wrong
But not I am
“Love happens in the least expected moments”
We take our love
Cherish & own it
Hone it $ cultivate in it
Roots of life, love & growth
Always working & never loathe
Never lazy, nor inconsistent
We keep us going
This love persistent
Constantly moving
We just moved
Yes house making home
Every morning can we bone
Can we make love
With the sunlight
Giving birth to Spring flowers
Love coming down on Earth
Hot Summer showers
Cold Winter nights
We met in the Fall
Fells Point from first glance
Never knew the chance
Saw inside our souls
Unexpected goals
All inclusive regard
Two became one
You & I equals We Are
We are
Walking tall in love
Holding hands in prayers
Kissing deep in emotion
Communicating power in words
Planning futures of gain
Living as one last name
We are destiny
Destined for happiness
Happily living thru loves home
Building piece by piece
Elements called our own
Claiming it
What wasn’t expected
But gifted from highest above.

We never thought this could be. Everything so in unison that even the sun needs the warmth we carry for each other.
This heat be forever.
Please let it stay to continuously carry & encourage this love we have.
Let us keep burning hot with love & powerful interaction between us so that we never know to remember what lost loves feel & look like.
Keep this lovers prayer reminded & engraved in our hearts that we never part. Help us growth in constant faith & devotion & love to one another.
In all spirits name
Let the church say,……
His woman
My man

-TJW QueenSoulSista

Always Kiss Me Goodnight


Always kiss me goodnight,
Before the shattered glass of our dreams collapse to the floor.

Always kiss me goodnight,
Before the world decides to take advantage of the love we offer.

Kiss me……. Secure & tight.
Hold me…….. Secure & tight.

Remember to always kiss me goodnight.
Before time calls us to oldened age.

Always kiss me goodnight,
Like the last blow of the heavyweight fight.
Every night.
Boxers in the Ring of Love,
We fight.

Never serious, just playmates in the sheets. We retreat.

Before sliding into space of our dreams.. The words of love always redeem.

Always kiss me goodnight.



Psychotic visions of driving off walls, only to fall in love with you.
I would let the car crash onto the ground & not get hurt because your love would protect me.
No scraps & bruises, only slit wrists & throats from you holding my hands & caressing my neck.
I feel the tingling sensation you bring, like the ghosts of dead people trying to collect my soul.
I watch them & talk to the inside my dreams of insomnia.
Delirious insight to the words you say to me, like inspiration for death & dishonor.
I follow you.
I’d even jump off of Mt. Kilomanjaro if my schizophrenic friends told me to.
But I’d only be doing it for you, with an evil grin on my face because I have a crazy love for you.
Its not decieving because I’m only into receiving your ever deadly bullet.
I would drink my own blood & yours to keep replenishing the life of my being.
Only for you.
Some might call me obsessive, but to me, its only being a little selfish & I would leave this Earth selfless for you.
Sometimes I pull triggers from gun ranges in my bathroom mirrors.
And maybe I do pull the noose from my hanging post a tad bit tighter than most.
I like to jump, just to feel that snug strangling feeling around my neck for when your hands aren’t here.
When I sleep, I enjoy tying my pillow to my face so that I slow my breathing near death to feel high in the morning.
I do these things out of the deep love I have for you, “because I know that everything in life must come to an end, & when it does, I hope that you remember me!” -MosDef


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