I have loved beyond my years
But never have I loved without tears
Have celebrated life with cheers
But couldn’t stop what my heart hears

Light so pure
We have set sail on an unknown voyage
Compass guides us with no direction in mind
Crusaders of life
Following a nomadic path to wherever
The ends of the Earth may embed us
But spirits aligned
We are stars destined to our own constellations
Pisces housing eleven signs before us
We are stronger than we are
Deeper than Earths core
Farther than the last shooting star
Whole and not
Wanting bits and pieces of you
Respectful not wanting to hurt you
But I can’t seem to resist you
Could turn away from you
But Can’t escape this peace for you
I have not a heart that can’t express to you
I have met you in the blue
I have loved you, in a time,
I have loved you in a place, in a world once erased, and created again
A million times back then
We were natives expelling rituals in a language unknown
To others our connection not shown
We threw dust to fire that grew from our minds
Now I just like you, with strength intense
Immensely for many many lifetimes
Olden spirits in our fingerprints
I do extend my hand for your fingertips to bind
And I leave you with this
Yet we meet again buried at The Tree of Souls
Ashes blowing through the wind chimes
I pray to Eywa to keep your spirit whole
Connected with me
Do you not be that far
Back to lives where I wish you up
Upon a star



Ode to the Skies (1st flight)


Cosmic shaded of your clouds escape into my eyes as the bird ascends its wings.
Elevated above a force of gravity where “FREE” in the home domain.
An alleviated feeling to exhale the world below & take on the wonders of the clouds.
A wonderland of sentiment & powdered sugared precipitation.
Pillowed clouds evolve into my dreams like the last imaginary sleep of my childhood.
I am home again.
Living in the freedom of an escaped world in the sky.
You are the source extended closeR to my planet.
Popping eardrums & illuminated visions of blue hues, white lights & bumpy turbulence.
Different shapes & densities of formulated clouds inside & above the atmosphere.
Stratosphere surrendering my soul.
I want to stay here.
A bird in your skies.


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