Figure me out!

Freedom of speech, emotion, & expression.


On the body or on the canvas.

My body is my art, more than the pre-stretched canvas that the acrylic sets in.
I let the ink settle deep, not just on my surface but through the circumference of my dermis. More permanent than the epidermis……

If you dont know me, Dont persist with trying to judge this cover until you read the book.

Not one page is the same. No letter repeated.

Yes conceited, but confidence rides my bones and forever encourages me to push forward and be the difference I see myself as.

When questioned about this next tattoo… Why A Sleeve?!?!?

First of all, I am me! No questions asked, so I will do as I choose.

Second. Tattoos are my favorite display of freedom & expression of art within and on myself.

Never felt pain. Thanks to a sacred high tolerance for pain through meditation.

I have 8 tattoos, and havent really approved of letting others join in on the sight of me enduring my ink.

If you take the chance and look deep into the sleeve, you’ll see deep into me and all that I stand for. All that I live for. Art.

More will be added.

One right arm is not enough. For this life of mine. Space Martian, has no time limit. Just most chances and obligations for exploration and growth… onto my whole body.

By my hands.

Ink. Figure me out!

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